E-payment of bills

How many times have you found yourself in a situation of wishing all your daily duties could be done at once and from the same place?

What if that’s possible now?

For the first time in our country, T-Mobile and Makedonski Telekom are introducing a system for electronic payment of the monthly bills for telephone, Internet and TV via the Internet and via the most widespread ATM network in the country, in cooperation with Stopanska Banka.

Now there is a more convenient and faster way to pay your postpaid T-Mobile and Makedonski Telekom bills. All you need is an Internet access and a payment card!

Go to the T-Mobile e-business portal (http://www.t-mobile.mk/plationline/),My T-Mobile (My T-Mobile) or T-Home (https://moj.telekom.mk)and follow the four simple steps for a secure online payment of your bills:

  • Enter/select the invoice number you wish to pay,
  • Enter the payment card details,
  • Confirm the payment,
  • Wait for the report on the successful transaction.

The payment of bills through ATM is done in a few simple steps. Take your payment card to one of the ATMs of Stopanska Banka and follow the instructions on the monitor:

  • Select Additional Services from the menu;
  • Select Bill Payment;
  • Select Telephone, Internet, TV;
  • Select the company whose bill you wish to pay,
  • Enter the bill number and the payment is effectuated.

The transactions effectuated beyond the working hours of the payment operations shall be realized on the following working day in the Bank and at least one working day later in the company to which you make the payment.

The payment of bill through the Internet and ATM is only possible for postpaid bills of private customers of T-Mobile and Makedonski Telekom.

Besides the electronic online bill payment, you can also pay your bill:

  • in cash or with any VISA, MasterCard or DINERS payment card in any T-Mobile shop,
  • in any Stopanska banka branch
  • using e-banking
  • in any Makedonska posta branch
  • The owners of current accounts or debit cards in Stopanska banka, Komercijalna banka, Tutunska banka, Pro Credit banka and Uni banka can pay their bill through direct debit.

T-mobile also offers the possibility for installment payment.