E-payment of bills

How many times have you found yourself in a situation of wishing all your daily duties could be done at once and from the same place?

What if that’s possible now?

For the first time in our country, T-Mobile and Makedonski Telekom are introducing a system for electronic payment of the monthly bills for telephone, Internet and TV via the Internet and via the most widespread ATM network in the country, in cooperation with Stopanska Banka.

Е-payment – paying bills via the internet

Electronic payment system provides a faster and easier way to pay your postpaid monthly bills from T-Mobile and Makedonski Telekom, without commission and additional costs. All you need is internet access and a credit card!

Visit the Pay online portal of T-Mobile (http://www.t-mobile.mk/plationline/),My T-Mobile portal (https://my.t-mobile.mk) or portal of T-Home (https://moj.telekom.mk) and follow the four simple steps to secure online payment of your bills:

  • Enter/select the invoice number you wish to pay,
  • Enter the payment card details,
  • Confirm the payment,
  • Wait for the report on the successful transaction.

More information about the procedure for online payment and type of payment cards you will find on http://www.t-mobile.mk/plationline/, https://my.t-mobile.mk and https://moj.telekom.mk.

Self-service terminals - Automatic payment of bills

Self service terminals are available in ten Telecom shops around the country. Through these terminals it is enabled:

  • payment of bills for services from T-Mobile and Makedonski Telekom
  • top up vouchers for T-Mobile users.

Transactions are realized simply using 3 types of payment:

  • payment in cash - while the machine returns the rest,
  • payment by credit card from any bank card issuers,
  • MobiPay - payment with mobile phone.

Each of these modes of transactions is neatly explained on the self-service terminal, with detailed steps. The automatic bill payment avoid the order generated in stores, saving time whenever you want to pay the bill.

Self-service terminals are available in the following Telecom shops:

  • Skopje: GTC, Ramstore, Capitol Mall and Leptokarija
  • Tetovo
  • Gostivar
  • Kicevo
  • Kumanovo
  • Strumica
  • Bitola

E - banking

An opportunity to pay bills online, where the bank does not charge commission for the service is provided through electronic banking systems of Stopanska Bank AD Skopje, Komercijalna banka AD Skopje, Ohridska banka AD Ohrid, NLB Tutunska Banka AD Skopje, Halkbank AD Skopje and TTK Banka AD Skopje.

Through electronic banking systems of all other banks in Macedonia, ensure payment of bills with the bank charges fee, according to their rates.

For more information on the terms and conditions for e- banking payment, contact the banks.

Payment by direct debit

The payment by direct debit is dedicated to all users who want always on time to pay the cost of our services. If you select a direct debit as a payment method, the bank will regularly collect the direct debit affirmed of the day set as a deadline for payment, specified on the bill.

For owners of a current account (current account or debit card) payment by standing order is provided in Stopanska Banka AD Skopje, Komercijalna Banka ADSkopje, NLB Tutunska Banka AD Skopje, ProCredit Bank AD Skopje, Uni Banka AD Skopje, Halkbank AD Skopje, Ohridska Banka AD Ohrid and TTK Banka AD Skopje, where the bank does not charge a fee for the service. For owners of bank account the payment is secured in other commercial banks in Macedonia too, where the bank charges a commission for the service.

What is direct debit?

Direct debit is a simple, secure and fast way of paying regular bills, directly from your bank account at the bank, where n advance you can define the maximum limit that can be paid from the account. With your consent to pay the phone bill by direct debit, you authorize the bank to regularly pay the date fixed as deadline for payment assigned to the bill (invoice,) which will continue to receive. If the monthly telephone bill is greater than the specified maximum limit or transaction, account does not have sufficient funds, payment for that month will be not done by direct debit and the obligation to pay the phone bill for that month remains. With one direct debit can be paid more subscriber accounts, regardless of what they may be denominated in a different name. Direct debit can sign any family member.

What do you get?

The payment by direct debit (with or without limit) provides multiple benefits:

  • You save your time avoiding waiting at the counters.
  • Accounts will be paid automatically and deadlines for payment will not be missed.
  • You do not pay commission and helps you manage your finances.
  • You have control over payments (maximum and accurate payment term).

How to use direct debit?

Consent for payment by direct debit you can give simply, by signing a standing order form in all Telecom shops or branches of:

  • Stopanska Banka AD Skopje,
  • Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje,
  • NLB Tutunska Banka AD Skopje,
  • ProCredit Banka AD Skopje,
  • Uni Banka AD Skopje,
  • Halkbank AD Skopje,
  • Ohridska Banka AD Ohrid and
  • TTK Banka AD Skopje.

Paying bills thru ATM

The service is available 24 hours on all ATMs ( Automated teller machine / Automated banking machine – electronic telecommunication device that enables the customer to perform financial transaction by himself) of Stopanska Banka and NLB Tutunska banka anywhere in Macedonia. Through the world's largest network of ATMs with credit cards VISA and MasterCard issued by Stopanska Banka AD Skopje and NLB Tutunska Banka, you are able to pay your bills without fee and additional costs.

The payment of bills through ATM is done in a few simple steps. Take your payment card and go to one of the ATMs of Stopanska Banka or NLB Tutunska Banka and follow the instructions on the monitor:

  • Select Additional Services from the menu;
  • Select Bill Payment;
  • Select Telephone, Internet, TV;
  • Select the company whose bill you wish to pay;
  • Enter the bill number and the payment is effectuated.

The transactions effectuated beyond the working hours of the payment operations shall be realized on the following working day in the Bank and at least one working day later in the company to which you make the payment.

The payment of bill through the Internet and ATM is only possible for postpaid bills of private customers of T-Mobile and Makedonski Telekom.

Payment in cash or with payment card

The monthly bill can be also paid:

  • in cash or by payment card brands DINERS, VISA and MasterCard in Telecom shops,
  • in any branch of the Stopanska Banak, Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje, NLB Tutunska Banka, ProCredit Banka AD Skopje, Uni Banka AD Skopje, Halkbank AD Skopje, TTK Banka AD Skopje and Ohridska Banka AD Ohrid without payment of commission,
  • in all branches of the Macedonian Post.

In all other commercial banks in Macedonia you can pay in cash, but the bank charges a fee for the service.

Except in Telecom shops, paying anywhere should be done by attaching the bill (original or copy). A copy of the bill you can get for free in all Telecom shops or on the website of My T-Mobile.

T-Mobile offers you the opportunity to pay the bill in installments.