Surf from laptop - Surfer tariff

Be carefree surfing from your tablet or laptop with much more internet from now on!

Now Surfer is also Mobile Surf!

The mobile internet rates are from now on available at even more affordable prices in five Mobile Surf tariff models. Select the tariff that suits you the most in combination with a SIM card and surf at the fastest internet from your laptop or tablet.

From now on, our communication solutions will provide you with full control over the surfing quantity you consume. If you use up the internet bundled in the monthly subscription fee, we will send you SMS information.

If you surpass the traffic bundled, additional internet traffic shall not be charged, and the internet speed will decrease to 64/64 Kbps – sufficient to check your e-mail or the weather forecast.

Tariff Bundled traffic Price (MKD/month)
Mobile Surf Medium 1 GB 253,38
Mobile Surf Comfort 3 GB 380,50
Mobile Surf Premium 10 GB 677,11
Tariff Bundled traffic Price (MKD/month)
Mobile Surf Medium 1 GB 299
Mobile Surf Comfort 3 GB 449
Mobile Surf Premium 10 GB 799

Prices do not include VAT

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You can choose some of the devices which best fit your needs here!

Activate the Surfer tariff model any day of the month and you will get internet for the whole month!

The internet bundled in the subscription fee can be only used in the T-Mobile network. The price of SMS sent through this tariff model is 5.9 MKD, MMS costs 17.7 MKD and MMS to international zones costs 41.3 MKD.

The maximum speed is 21 Mbit/s in download and 5.8 Mbit/s in upload.