Mobile number portability between operators

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With the service Number portability* you can freely port in the T-Mobile network from any other mobile network and keep your number along with the prefix (075, 076, 077 or 078).

How to port a number in the T-Mobile network?

If you wish to port in a postpaid number:

  • Submit a Request for signing subscriber contract with number portability to T-Mobile network in any T-Mobile shop,
  • Deliver your documents for concluding a new postpaid contract and
  • Bring your last bill/invoice from the operator you wish to port out.

If you wish to port in a prepaid number:

  • Submit a request for number porting in any T-Mobile shop,
  • Bring your personal ID card and
  • Identify yourself with PUK number of the SIM card from the operator you wish to port out.

How to recognize if the number is ported to another mobile network?

When establishing a call by an audible signal you can identify whether the number belongs to the network of T-Mobile or is transferred to/from another mobile network. The audio signal is short and can be heard before the establishment of the call, only when transmitted in a mobile network other than that which belongs under the prefix area code.

When T-Mobile subscriber calls a fixed number, the audible signal indicates that the called number is located in the fixed network operator that is not the holder of the number, or the number changed geographic location within the same numbering area, but remained in the same network operator .

How to check which network the number belongs to?

If you wish to check which network the number that you want to dial belongs to, choose one from the following ways:

  • Send a free of charge SMS to 070 170 with: 3897YXXXXXX or 07YXXXXXX
  • Call the toll free number 070 170 and follow the voice instructions or
  • Use the application below, write in the phone number in format YXXXXXX, enter the optical validation, and click "Submit"
Enter phone number:
Enter the four characters from upper image

General terms for number portability

  • You can only port in prepaid into prepaid, postpaid into postpaid and prepaid into postpaid number.
  • You can only port in a number for voice but not data or fax/data numbers.
  • The deadline for number porting in T-Mobile network is 2 (two) working days from the date of filing the request for number portability.
  • You will receive a new SIM Card when porting in a number in the T-Mobile network.
  • If your phone is locked (coded), T-Mobile can’t perform a decoding.
  • It’s not possible to delay or cancel the request for porting in a number.
  • Porting to another network or returning in the old one can be requested in a period not shorter than 30 days from commencement of service.
  • You can provide request for porting out a number in other network. The price is 236 denars with VAT included.

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