What is Mobile VPN?

Imagine that your company has its own mobile network in which all your employees, associates and partners can talk at affordable prices. Imagine that you can manage the mobile phone costs of all your employees with just one click.

Imagine how much money, time and effort you would save by using such a system? With the new Mobile VPN service of T-Mobile, all these benefits are now also available to you!

Learn about Mobile VPN:

We present to you Mobile VPN (Mobile Virtual Private Network) - a revolutionary business communication tool.

What is Mobile VPN?

Mobile VPN is a kind of your own mobile network, which you as a manager or owner of the company have the freedom to customize to your specific communication needs. With Mobile VPN you can create, expand or reduce your Company Network, add associates in the Extended Company Network or in your Partner Network and talk at affordable prices, use Short Codes, determine a monthly limit to your employees, define Black and White Number Lists, split the bill into private and business calls, create your own Virtual Contact Center and much more. You can make changes at any point, comfortably and easily from your office through a secure Internet portal.

Simply, this system enables you to be much more effective in your communication within and outside your company, to spend a lot less resources, to avoid unnecessarily large bills and save time.

Managing the mobile communication costs of your company has become much simpler with Mobile VPN. A detailed overview and control of each of your employee’s mobile bills is one of the main advantages that you get after the very simple introduction of this system, with no expenses for installation and purchase of additional equipment.