За Македонски Телеком

About T-Mobile Macedonia

Т-Mobile is the first mobile operator in Macedonia and a leader in the mobile market. The company has been active since September 1996. In 2006 the company was re-named into Т-Mobile Macedonia, becoming part of the international Т-Mobile family with more than 120 million customers.

The confidence of more than 1 300 000 subscribers, confirms our leading position and obliges us to continue our mission – to become the most highly regarded service company. We are proud of our network quality, which we continuously upgrade to provide high quality and affordable services. Our network covers 99,9% of the population and over 98,5% of the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.

In Macedonia T-Mobile is recognized as the innovation leader. The company was first to introduce GPRS and EDGE thus significantly increasing the data transfer speed. By following T-Mobile service strategy, we are seeking converged internet and mobile services. Thus, in December, 2007 we introduced “webSMS”; “Web’n’Walk“and “Push Mail” services.

We have a sales network of 130 shops with a contemporary design which are ready to serve the customers in the best possible way. With this we are close to our customers and ready to serve wherever they prefer.

Т-Mobile customers can communicate all over the world, using our roaming service offered in over 90 countries.

As a successful company, we feel responsible towards society and we invest in Macedonia. Through the Foundation Т-Mobile for Macedonia numerous humanitarian activities are conducted. We take care of the environment, with strict eco activities to keep Macedonia clean and safe.

Authorized persons for information of public interest

Marijana Marusic
address: “Kej 13 Noemvri“ No. 6, 1000 Skopje, R. Macedonia
e-mail: marijana.marusic@telekom.mk

Dobrica Arsov
address: “Kej 13 Noemvri“ No. 6, 1000 Skopje, R. Macedonia
e-mail: dobrica.arsov@telekom.mk

General data

Company name: Т-Mobile Macedonia, joint stock company for mobile communications, Skopje
Address: “Kej 13 Noemvri“ No. 6, 1000 Skopje, R. Macedonia
Fax: + 389 2 3 201 267
Contact centre: + 389 70 122,

Chief Officers:

  • Chief Executive Officer - Zarko Lukovski
  • Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer – Slavko Projkoski
  • Chief Corporate Affairs Officer – Branko Stancev
  • Chief Operating Officer Consumer – Gusztav Mahler
  • Chief Operating Officer Business – Aleksandar Popovski
  • Chief Technical Officer - Bozidar Poldrugac
  • Chief Human Resources Officer – Lazar Popovski
  • Chief IT Officer - Miroslav Jovanovic


Board of Directors of T-Mobile Macedonia:

  • Andreas Maierhofer - President and Non-Executive member
  • Walter Goldenits - Non-Executive member
  • Michael Frank - Non-Executive member
  • Attila Keszég - Non-Executive member
  • Susanne Krogmann - Non-Executive member
  • Nebojsa Stajkovic - Non-Executive member
  • Gzim Ostreni - Non-Executive member
  • Irena Miseva - Non-Executive member
  • Vladimir Zdravev - Independent member
  • Frank Pölcz - Independent member
  • Péter Zsom - Independent member
  • Zarko Lukovski - Executive member/CEO
  • Slavko Projkoski - Executive member/COO


Members of the Board of Directors of Makedonski Telekom

(in accordance with the Statute of T-Mobile Macedonia, the Board of Directors of Makedonski Telekom performs the function of Assembly of T-Mobile Macedonia on behalf of Makedonski Telekom, sole shareholder of T-Mobile Macedonia)